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Size: 19.00in x 6.25in x 4.00in

Weight: 23.14 oz

Three edged military hawk provides maximum cutting,damage and penetration capability, cutting its way into and out of whatever you can put it into or through! The Warbeast is my personal favorite hawk finding itself in each of my trucks, go bag, and room. One of my favorite uses is for butchering Hogs, Deer, Elk, Etc... I can do a full bone out in half the time it used to take! The three cutting edges are incredible when it comes to cutting through any part of the animal! When using a traditional hawk the first hit sinks in then gets stuck on the tendons, hide, or meat, not with The Warbeast! It smoothly cuts its way right back out!

The Warbeast weighs in at over 23oz with a 4'' cutting edge 1.75'' cutting edge on the top and bottom, made out of 6150 High carbon steel, with a 25 Year Warranty on the blade! I harden the cutting edge as well as the hammer poll to prevent damage regardless the abuse you put it through!

Tomahawk Features
6150 High-carbon, chromium steel
2Hawks iconic blued finish
4in blade
1.75in secondary blades
Hammer-polled head
Darkened hickory handle
550 Paracord handle wrap and lanyard
25 Year blade warranty
Head Dimentions
Head Weight: 15.5oz
Head Length: 6.25in
Head Height: 4in
Head Width: 1.2in
Cutting Edge: 4in
Hammer Face: 1.25in x 0.9in
Tomahawks are handmade and dimension will vary
I'm Proud to offer and make these for our military brothers and sisters out there! I offer a 10% military discount.
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